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Такие отчеты нам присылают каждую неделю в саду.
Очень интересно, и помогает понимать, чем там дите занималось всю неделю.

This week our theme was “Sail Away” as we continued on with our monthly Fundamental Focus “Destination Summer”.

Our letter of the week was Oo which led to discussions about the word of the week “flaot”.
We learned Spanish for the word float (flotar) pronounced (flow-TAHR).
We practiced the letter Oo in sign language as well as numbers 0-10.
We had fun using our theme to enhance our learning stations and to practice our cognitive development.

In the Discovery Station we used eyedroppers to transfer water from one container to another. This activity helps with our fine motor skills.
In the Writing Station we practiced fine motor skills by tracing transportation stencils.
In the Exploration Station we used magnets to catch fish!

Our Brain Waves this week featured the Occipital Lobe. The activity was called “Eyewitness”. We looked at faces from magazine cut outs. After looking at the picture we talked about what we remembered about the picture. This activity challenges us to use language to describe what we remember seeing.

Our STEAM Ahead activity this week was called “Sink Or Float”. We picked objects throughout the classroom and made a guess whether the objects would sink or float. Afterwards we put our object in the water sensory table to see if our guess was right.

Song of the Week
1 little, 2 little, 3 little sailboats,
4 little, 5 little, 6 little sailboats,
7 little, 8 little, 9 little sailboats,
10 boats sailing to Kids R Kids!

Next Week’s Family Connection: Week 45 – “Sea, Sand and ME!”
We would appreciate any of the following donations. Please consider these requests things you may already have at your home.

- Theme Related Books
- Toilet Paper Rolls
- Pictures Of People At The Beach
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